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You Will Survive

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

You are going to be ok. You want to know how I know?

I know because I know I’m going

to be ok.

Along this journey we have choices to make, choices that mold us and transform us. 

You choose to be kind when you could be cruel.  

You choose to be honest when you could manipulate.  

You choose to have integrity when you could seek revenge.  

You choose to heal when you could be bitter. 

You choose a better life which is difficult to obtain rather than giving up; even when giving in would be so much easier.

You have a beautiful soul, and someday soon you will know that is true. 

You’ll be able to let go of the hurt and the anger because you’ll understand that this season has always been about breaking you free from the oppression that has been holding you down in darkness.  

You will have happiness.

You will have joy and freedom from depression and self-condemnation. 

Your soul will feel peace and you will feel peace. 

I know this because you are a fighter.  The kind of fighter who may want to give up, but doesn’t.  The kind of fighter who does what is right and true even when it hurts.  

You will have a beautiful life.

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