I’ve been seeking … something

Updated: Aug 12


Dear God,

It’s been a difficult couple of days for me. But, I’ve figured some things out about myself. Things that have been really bothering me, that I couldn’t figure out. I finally get why I’ve been seeking a guy .... it’s seems so simple now.

This morning I actually was missing Him. Then I reminded myself the man I’m missing isn’t real. I’ve been trying to replace the man I pretended he was, and who I prayed he would someday become.

I’ve been looking for someone to fill the void of not just what has always been missing, but what I always hoped he would someday be.

I have to let myself grieve the loss of the man I thought he was AND who I believed he had the potential to become.

I have to allow myself to feel the void, and instead of seeking validation from a man, I need to fill the void with the things that make me feel good, the things I enjoy, and the things I can step back and look at and say to myself ....

”I did that! And it’s pretty amazing!”

I’m getting there .... slowly ... but I’m getting there.

Love your daughter,


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