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Why does he get away with everything

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Dear God,

I'm Feeling extremely vulnerable and

Broken right now.

I don't understand how someone like him gets to cause so much damage and just get away with it? It makes me angry. When are things ever going to be better???? Why does he get to run around like a teenager with no bills, no responsibility, with fun times and a girl half his age? I ask for your help and wisdom every single day and still can't get things right. I still cry every day! 2 years of every single day!!!

He stole my innocence. He stole my light. He stole my chance to be married and never have sex with anyone except my husband. He stole my joy. He stole my future. He stole my confidence, my self worth, my trust in men. And he gets to prance around like an arrogant stallion, and I'm a broken crumbled mess trying to put the pieces back together, but my pieces just don't fit anymore.

Love your daughter,



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