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What If

Updated: May 8


Beautiful man

Kind eyes that draw her in

Thoughtful nature, gentle soul

The little boy with jelly knees, who thought he wasn’t good enough

He’s still there, under layers of experiences,

a hardened exterior, and hidden emotions

Closed off and tucked away

That brainy, self conscious boy worked hard to prove himself worthy

If only he could see what she sees

He always was special .....

He was sweet and shy, kind, and smitten

He longed for a pretty girl who hid inside herself

He lost his chance to tell her what his heart knew

She was gone

His life, though difficult became beautiful

He choose to never again have a “what if”

He became wise, brave and lovely

He learned to guard his tender, caring heart and focus on what he wanted

Her life became painful, and lonely

She looked for joy even in sorrow

Yet, something was always missing

She had a longing deep in her soul

To be cared for, and loved with purity

He found her

He made her laugh

He made her cry

He touched her soul

He told her she was always loved

Anonymously and unconditionally

She pushed him away out of fear

She tried to let go because she felt unworthy

She also fought a battle within

Internal rules told her it wasn’t right to love him

He never gave up on her, even in silence

Acceptance and understanding came

She learned how to trust

She opened her heart

She will never regret loving him

He taught her love without conditions

He taught her that good, honest men do exist

She knows he loves her

He knows she loves him

No amount of time, silence or distance will take away that deep seeded love

They will live separate lives

They will accept life’s challenges

They will learn, grow older and change

But a part of them will always wonder

What If....

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