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The Throne of My Heart


The throne of my heart is not some elegant showy place to sit, and someone who desires glamorous things over quality would not choose to sit there with me.

The one who sits here now, he knows the reason it looks as it does, and to us it is beautiful, priceless, sturdy, and strong.

It's a chair yet not, built by a carpenters son. In the beginning it was stunning, a marvel to be seen, until the thief came and nearly destroyed its beauty.

The damage being done was hidden in darkness under a shiny veil of lies. Only when my heart was broken that I finally realize the one sitting there did not belong.

As my heart shattered and cracks appeared, little beams of light slowly revealed how much damage has been done.

While my heart felt empty and alone I was unaware, only the seat was empty, so the throne could be repaired.

Restoration always takes so much longer than we think. The one who sits here helped me rebuild what was weak and taught me to embrace the imperfections that make it unique.

The glitz and façade has been stripped away, layer by layer to reveal its true nature.

There are some devits and dings in the old growth would but my throne has character and continues to be worked on.

I know I'm never alone for the throne of my heart is strong, comfortable and well worn.

I'm looking forward to what's yet to come! I'm so proud of the work we have done!

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