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The Opposing Team

Updated: Mar 15


When we are heading toward God's "goal" it's harder to get there, because the enemy is fighting against us the entire way! If we turn away from God's plan the enemy isn't going to oppose us.

I made it through work today. It was hard, but I'm ok. I was off for a week with difficultly breathing, weakness and exhaustion. Most likely the results of damage to my lungs. I nearly died in December from COVID pneumonia. I was in the hospital, and then home for a month, unable to work, unable to celebrate Christmas with my family. (But, there are good things that did come from that! Perhaps sometime I'll explain if God lays it on my heart to share.)

Just before I got sick (both times) I had been pouring myself into this blog. This last time, the day I was so inspired and ready to make changes and focus on helping you, that afternoon I got really sick, then I was in bed or on the couch for three days with no energy to even move. The only way I could breathe was to use a C-pap machine that my sweet brother gave to me. I'm recovering thanks to an inhaler, steroids and a strong antibiotic. But it can be very frustrating to struggle every time things seem to be looking up.

For example, my oldest son is going to be 19! I can't believe that!!! My baby, 19 years old! I wanted to have a cook-out / party for him but the deck I've been restoring isn't done and neither are so many other projects I was making progress on.

Everything in its timing though. I have to keep reminding myself of that. This journey isn't easy because the stakes are so high.

It's like when my oldest son was little and played soccer. Some kids would get all turned around, they were thrilled to have the ball, they'd be so excited that they didn't hear the words being yelled toward them to ...

Stop, Trun around, You're going the wrong way!

They thought those voices were cheers of encouragement and excitement! So they would run even harder, not noticing that the other team wasn't trying to stop them as they ran toward the goal. They'd score without opposition because it wasn't their own team's goal. The other team let them pass right by.

That's how the enemy works. When are heading toward God's "goal" it's harder to get there, if we head away from it there's no opposition.

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