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Thank you for protecting

Turning to you God


Thank you for protecting me. For Adam being the man to serve the protection order. A good man who is honorable and made sure that I was safe by not including everything to give to him. Who offered information about Christian Counselors that he and his wife went to. He will keep things confidential and will not tell everyone about the sex abuse. And he looked at the site for me so my fears about our dispatchers being able to read everything I wrote ... no I know they can’t view it. I didn’t know how to ask and didn’t know who to ask. He even offered to help me set up a Ring and cameras because he’s done it before. Thank you that it was him who did this God. You keep bringing the best people into my life exactly at the right moment. I have got to keep trusting that. Thank you for keeping me safe God. Thank you for loving me so much.

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