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Spiritual Warfare

Updated: Mar 4


I’ve very often wondered if the spiritual warfare I’ve been warned about since I was a child, has always been after me, after my boys?

There were so many times that my husband put up a roadblock in the way of a future full of serving God and showing the grace that God has created within me. Every single time, year after year, each new opportunity, somehow he was able to stop the future that that could have been.

Then when I started praying over him while he slept ...he would be angry later knowing that is what I had done....then his disgusting use of my Bible, and my faith against me....I’ve been led lately to believe he has been the wolf for years waiting to devour me and stop the plans God has for my life. But that is so heartbreaking to me, he is the father to my children.

I ask myself, did I marry evil?

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