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Updated: Apr 26


My home, is mine for the next 2 1/2 years. He demanded I sell right now even though I and my boys have no where to go. My lawyer and the mediator finally got him to agree that I can stay in my house until our youngest son graduates from high school. Then I have to sell and split the proceeds with him.

It does bother me that he has 2 homes (his parents and his mistress), and I have to pay him to get him to agree to a divorce.

When I filed for divorce 3 1/2 years ago I just wanted out, so I agreed to things I should have fought against. However, getting mad about the unfairness of it all doesn't help. I have to focus on the good stuff. I will be divorced soon, and I know God will provide for me, HE always has.

Somehow I will come up with what I need to fianally replace my roof, and fix my windows, and complete a lot of other much needed repairs to this neglected old house. I will not give up on what I have invisioned all these years.

I've worked hard to learn how to improve my home the right way even with a very tight budget. In the process I discovered I enjoy restoring old things back to their original beauty. And as dorky as it might be, I really like tools! I never would have learned that about myself if I wasn't forced to do repairs on my own.

I'm proud of the things I have learned. I'm proud of what I will be able to achieve whether it's in this home or a different home someday in the future.

I want to share a few before and after photos. Some of these are improvements I made on my own. And some I've had help with, like plumbing ... who knew plumbing could be so frustratingly difficult?!?

Even when things seem hopeless there is hope.

Unfortunately this beautiful door (my first huge accomplishment on my own) has been destroyed. I don't think I can fix the amount of damage done from him breaking it down.


After he moved out this was my fist big project ...

I restored my front door ... he never would let me, he said it would look too ugly while working on it.

In addition to the door I painted the door fame black, and the metal on my front porch from rusty and white to black ...

It was a messy job but worth it!

This was a shocking find ....

after he left I was cleaning under my sink and moved the bins and bowl that were covering an actual hole in the floor!!!

Rather than fixing the leak he said this was a bandaid and I should have known that!

new faucet, new plumbing, new floor, new dishwasher! I had help with is one! Plumbing is difficult for me but I'm still learning.

I had to do my dishes outside for a little while ...

That is something he NEVER would have permitted!!! Which is probably why I had a hole in my floor!!!

This little guy is my buddy! He has licked away many tears from my cheeks

These are a few garden pots I've transformed ... the before...

And after....

I did a lot of them ... I had planned on teaching a class at a friends art studio but ... divorce stuff got in the way ... I hope to be able teach this technique I came up with ... or maybe sell some

I used a chainsaw for the first time ever!!! I really want one now!

A friend let me borrow theirs so I could make wood slices for another friend's wedding reception that I decorated.

When I lived with him, I didn't have friends, let alone being able to do things for people just because I wanted to help ... he NEVER would have let me ....

I had to let the slices dry before I could sand them.

This turned out to be a simple project ...

It was one of those things that he promised to do but never did ....

So, I figured it out and did it myself!


I could share 100's of before and after photos. But, the reality is my house is 100 years old and as badly as I want to restore her completely I have to pick and choose what is the most important.

Some things I can't afford to fix right now and others take way too much time for a single working mom. I have to remind myself that I am making progress. I have to remember I'm no longer trapped by a man who controlled and belittled me. This is my house for the next 2 1/2 years.

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