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God watch over me,

Shine Your lamp on my head

Light my way in the darkness

Bless my home with intimate friendship

Bless, protect and provide for my children

Fill me with your discerning grace

Allow my roots to drink in your life giving words

Stretch your bow of colors over my head

Let my words fall gently and become your song 

Break the fangs of the wicked

Make them swallow their own venom

Set the oppressed free, fill them with the light of your love

Pour out your Holy Spirit through the words you give me

Open hearts to your fire, refine them to the purest gold

Let them reflect and never tarnish the gifts they embrace

Reveal the bright glow of you inside all who believe

Fill the cracks of the broken

Rain your spirit into us, 

Let us grow and bloom

Holy Spirit come, Holy Spirit come 

Holy Spirit come wash me in your wisdom

You are the only one who knows all of me

You are the only one who knows the hidden things of men

Expose the truth, a spotlight of fire

Let it be revealed so all who come will be healed

Your love, beyond words, overwhelms into overflow

This life that you’ve given me, just one piece of your masterfully crafted puzzle will soon be whole. 

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