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Mold in the Mind

Updated: Sep 18, 2022


The mind is the foundation.

When it’s strong,

what’s built above,

will be steady and sound.

When it’s weak, everything built

above will crumble and fall.

The mind can be a prison

once it’s filled with negative thoughts.

Thoughts, those small spores

floating around, searching

for a place to land.

They spread and grow, slimmy & slick,

filling the cracks and crevices

of the mind's foundational basement.

Like a dungeon with chains,

they hold you captive

in a torturous place.

How can something so small

break apart and destroy anything at all!?

By spreading and growing

in the dark damp places.

They cause the walls to break apart,

crumble and fall.

And that beautiful fortress you built

with its high mighty walls,

will come crashing down.

A battle won by nothing more than thought.

How can the mind heal?

Expose those dark places to the light.

Let the fresh air in.

Stop hiding and ask for help.

You never know who might hold a key

to unlock those chains,

So you can finally be free!

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