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Message to his Mistress

Updated: Feb 17

Tuesday 5/28/19 morning

I'm texting out of respect for my marriage and the husband that I love very much. On Saturday night while looking at our oldest son's cell phone I saw at least 8 phones calls with you when our son is supposed to be grounded from his phone. Then I figured out the time frame and discovered it was actually My husband calling you while he was sitting outside in our car. So, I texted you and told you I was his wife, then you texted my husband and sent, "babe???"

Naturally, that is suspicious because that is what he calls me as a term of endearment, affection and love. When confronting him, he took his phone from me and deleted ALL of your messages and ALL record of your phone calls. He says you are just friends, but by deleting those messages there is no way to prove that.

I really and truly love my husband with all my heart and am willing to work through ANYTHING with God's grace, guidance, and help. A marriage is a precious thing, a promise made before God by two people who vow to become one in the eyes of God and to never give up on each other.

Please, I need to know in order to move forward from here are you just friends? Are you starting to "talk", or has it become something emotional, or even physical. I do not want My husband to be part of a rumor mill at a school that he loves. But, I'm asking from the bottom of my heart, for you to find it in your heart to be honest and tell me what is going on between you two. I can't move passed this without knowing.

My family also knows there is something going on. But they support us and want us to work it out as well...just as prof, so you understand the seriousness of this... this is a message I got this morning from my morning.

Hi Hon It's Mom, God gave me that little whisper yesterday ....Step by step Day by day .....
His mercies a new every morning. For both of you.
Dad works this morning. I also am hearing that little whisper say..... "Maybe he will seek the help he needs.You've been his strength. Now is the time for him to find his."
God is so big. He never hides. He brings the TRUTH into the light to heal us. If it isn't revealed it can' t be healed. Love you Mom

If you don't believe me please call me. And please be careful of lies, they eat away at you and burden you in ways you can not imagine.

I don't know what my husband is going to say to you today. He told me he wants us to work on us, to continue to get better like things have been over the past 2 weeks, that he loves me. He held me very close as we slept last night.

I do not need an explanation from you. Just a reply of "friends only" , "emotional" , "physical", "love", or "all the above".

From ‘her

“All of the above. I can call later.”

Thank you for being honest.

Can you please tell me how long this has been going on?

And if he said he would leave me to be with you?

This isn't a game. This is a marriage my husband and I have been together since I was 15 years old. We have children. One of which is at the school where you both work. Are you with him right now?

From ‘her’:

Hi there, I just got your voicemail. I’m sorry I had a doctor’s appointment after work that I forgot about. I should’ve clarified earlier when I said “all of the above” because nothing physical happened between the two of us. I’m sorry if this has caused any issues between your marriage, those weren’t my intentions whatsoever. I’m going to block his number because he isn’t worth any of this drama.

Thank you. I'm very sorry. I will never contact you again. From ‘her’:

You don’t have anything to be sorry about.

*I later discovered he made her lie. He manipulated her and told her so many lies. I found that and many other things out on the 30th of May when I called her, she envited me to her house, I sat on her couch while she looked out her big window and asked her everything I had pieced together. I sat there for over an hour, completely calm, didn't cry, and asked everything. The only way I can explain to people who have asked how I did that, is to say it wasn't me, the Holy Spirit was with me, in me and I prayed for the full armor of God so ALL the lies would come into the light, so the truth would be revealed.

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