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Measure love by God’s standards

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

I will measure love by God’s standards


I will never understand,

I will never know the truth

I no longer trust the words of the one

who stole so much

I WILL believe

I WILL walk forward in faith

I WILL continue to pray to someday be loved as God intended

I choose to measure LOVE by God’s standards

God is teaching me

He is leading me on this path

He is with me through it all

Yes, I have been broken

But maybe that can be beautiful

I am who God made, I am HIS creation

What my husband did to me is NOT my fault

How my husband treated me is NOT my fault

How he chooses to live is not my fault. It is not my responsibility to take care of him.

I can only “fix” myself.

I trust my God

I believe my God

I love, with all of me, my God

Someday God will bless me with real love

Someday God will heal both of us ...

whoever “he” is

Someday “he” will feel loved the way he has always longed to be loved.

Someday, I will feel loved the way I have always longed to be loved.

Someday, God will open the door,

Someday, God will bring us together

Someday, what has been missing will be found.

Someday, “he” will know that once I give him my heart, it is faithful, pure, honest, and accepting.

Someday, “he” will love my passion,

my creativity, my faith, my courage,

my thoughts, my ideas, my silliness,

and my scars ... he will want me,

but not need me

Whoever he is, he will desire me,

inspire me, and laugh with me, because

I will do all the same for him!

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