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Love and Fear are Opposites

Updated: May 4


I was tormented in my spirit, tortured in my soul, taught to believe I am worthless, not good enough for honorable relationships, not valuable enough to be treated with respect, I became a slave and called it love.

Only God‘s love has taught me what real love is. There is no fear in love, for fear has to do with punishment. Love has to do with surrendering all, giving and sometimes sacrificing what we want in order to cause happiness for the person we love. Love gives without expectations or demands.

Love gives, fear takes!

Relationships built in fear are not the product of love, they are the product of manipulation!

Love is so many beautiful, precious things, and every human craves it, needs it, cannot survive without it. Love is life. Love is giving with expectating anything in return. Love is respect and cherishment. Love is seeking to understand rather than seeking what is wrong, it's seeking what is good, and what is beautiful. Love is asking what hurts, what is wounded, and helping the wound heal. 

Love is telling the truth with kindness and integrity. Love is refusing to plant seeds of deceit. 

Love sees into the soul and treasures what is there, lifting up and praising the goodness, encouraging it to grow. 

Love is commitment, sharing parts of your innermost self so there is no need to draw the wrong conclusion. Love is asking rather than assuming. Love is purposeful and pure, it’s being loyal even when someone isn’t there. 

Love is willing to be humble, to admit when we’ve done wrong, to feel sorrow for the pain we caused, to ask for forgiveness, to feel the hurt we caused someone else so we can choose to never cause that kind of pain again.

Love is giving without expecting to receive anything in return. Love is encouragement that is honest and pure, not some puffed up thing without any meaning.  

Love is a choice not just a feeling!

Love is forgiving, and grace, it's kind, gentle and full of peace. Love is all that is good. Love is the purest treasure there is! It is the reason we are here.

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