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It’s Time to Fly


He pushed me over the edge

Not knowing I would someday fly

He wanted me to fall into darkness

For when I am there I cannot see

Such blackness surrounded me and

In the darkness I did stumble

Over and over I clawed my way out

Climbing over the edge full of bruises and shame

With his cruelty I’d slip, lose my grip

Often sliding back into the abyss

I was bound in a cage

Poked and prodded by manipulation and control

The truth, once revealed

Cast light into the shadows

No more hiding

In the light I spread my wings

I feel them growing stronger

A path predestined, with a purpose and a plan

By faith I continue

Not knowing where I’m headed

Each step is a new lesson

A whisper in my thoughts

An echo in my mind

~In suffering you’ve grown stronger,

Never turning from my light~

Fire and light surround me

Burning my prison to dust and ash

That whisper that comforts me,

Echoes in my mind

~It’s time to release the light inside you

You’re strong enough to fly~

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