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I Still Believe God Will

Updated: May 8

“If an issue doesn’t rise to the surface it can’t be confronted and changed. Deal with the issue so you can become who God intends you to be.” ~Sarah Jakes Roberts

God, I don’t know how, but I still believe you will bring a miracle. I still believe you made me this way for a reason. I still believe you will set us free from generational curses. I still believe you will help me to find a way.

I still believe that once this generational curse is broken my children will no longer have to suffer this type of oppression. I still believe that my grandchildren, great grandchildren and the generations to come will not have this curse following them.

I have been deeply broken. And I believe that there will be no doubt that you have performed a miracle, because I have nothing left. I had to let go of everything. God, my husband is in your hands. There is nothing left of the person I thought he was.

I still believe that all things will be used for good. I don’t know how God. But I believe you will save us, you will provide a home for us, a life of joy for us, and someday you will provide a new career for me, financial wisdom, and a loving husband who will be my balance, and my partner and that I will be the same for him.

I still believe you will lead me to healing so that I will be able to share new thought processes with other trauma victims. Every time people say, “I don’t know how your making it.” I am not ashamed to say it’s because of you! I am not ashamed to say it is because of my faith that I am able to keep going even when it seems hopeless.

God I’m still here, learning, preparing, praying and believing you have a purpose for me. Please God renew my path, and end this suffering, fear, and loneliness, so I can reach everyone who needs to hear or read or see what is possible when we believe in you!

Thank you for the blessings that are still to come. I love you God, all this I pray in your son Jesus’s name and by his blood. Amen.

This is a great message from Sarah Jakes Roberts at Elevation Church

"There is no testimony without a test." ~Steven Furtick

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