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I have so many questions

Updated: Mar 4

I don’t want ...

I don’t want to be this person anymore

I don’t want to be lonely.

I don’t want to feel worthless, unloveable, unwanted

I don’t want to hope for someday, and worry it will never happen

I don’t want to cry anymore

I try so hard

I fight so hard

I’m so lonely

I’m starting to feel like it’s not fair ...

this life, it’s not fair

Why am I still alone

Why do people tell me I’m strong when I don’t feel strong

I feel unwanted

I don’t want to be broken anymore

I don’t want to be alone anymore

How much longer until this is over?

Why is it all up to me?

Why did he pick me, abuse me, use me, destroy me and break me until there was nothing of me left?

I’m so lonely!!!!

I don’t want to be lonely anymore, please God, please.

I want to be held, to be seen, to be cared about, to heal with someone not alone anymore please.

The loneliness is breaking me and I want to give up

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