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Updated: May 14

For learning and preparing to return to college

I recommend the free site ...

For information about narcissistic abuse, be careful to make sure the information you are gathering is from a reliable source and not just someone's opinion. I LOVE

YouTube recommendations ...

DoctorRamani (expert in narcissism)

And this is her being interviewed on

School of Greatness

Therapy In A Nutshell

"Releasing Trauma from Your Body"

School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

"How to Heal from Trauma"

This Woman is amazing, I bought her book

Dr. Caroline Leaf

This is helpful for understanding trauma memory and physical reactions

Andrew Huberman (Huberman Labs - neuroscience)

"Erasing Fear and Trauma"


"8 signs it's a trauma bond"

Dr. Hugh Ross

my favorite from him... explaining God

Church recommendations on YouTube:

Transformation Church

Love this one, "Single not alone"

Elevation Church (with Steven Furtick)

This is Holly Furtick "Running on Empty"

Saddleback Church

"Recognizing God's voice"

"When You Feel Like Giving Up"

T.D. Jakes

"Joseph's Tears"

"How to Build Your Vision"

Dharius Daniels

"Five Types of People You Can't Help"

For a good healthy laugh ...

For a free co-parenting app

(during a difficult divorce with an abuser)

I recommend


(most courts recommend Our Family Wizard...but that costs money)

I recommend that you export the conversations every few months if you have a drawn out divorce because I discovered the app doesn't save conversations after several years.

The conversations that are exported go to your email and create a PDF file that can be forwarded to your attorney and a judge. I find that much easier than needing to screenshot conversations.

I will add more later, I hope these help you, and drive you to keep seeking answers, education and healing. Remember, you are NOT alone!

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