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Timing is Everything

Updated: May 8

3/24/20 10:59

After telephonic court hearing (no courts open to the public due to the Virus. And tonight at midnight my state will be on lockdown. If this hearing had not happened today, I would have had to wait until June to get my husband out of the house. My children would have been exposed to more disturbances, more manipulation, more abuse.....but now, he has to leave!!!! Thank you Lord, everything in Your timing!)

Thank you, thank you, Thank you my amazing creator in Heaven! Thank you! You intervened, you took charge, you made this happen exactly in your timing, in your amazing grace you made this possible! Thank you! I love you Lord! I love you!

I wonder how many little unrecognized miracles You are making happen? Using what could be seen as a horrible terrifying time in our world, You are blessing, protecting, encouraging, and saving Your children. The ones who turn to You in this time of suffering and pain, the ones who trust in your timing, in your plan, even when they are afraid!

With all my heart I believe in You God, in Your mighty power! With all my heart I know You are with me and You have made this happen exactly as it needed to be. I believe You have known all along what is coming and have used each and everything around me to protect me, all I had to do was trust in you, all I had to do was be still and listen, all I had to do was seek you and pray to you to ask for your wisdom, courage, discernment, peace and grace. Thank you Christ Jesus for your sacrifice so that I can talk to God through you, so that my sins which are many can be forgiven, for giving me the gift of your Holy Spirit! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Protect me on this next stage of my journey, Lord. Protect me and my boys from the evil that will try and steal my joy, will try and manipulate my children, will reach out and try to pull me into a dark pit of guilt, anger, shame, sorrow, confusion, lack of energy or motivation. I give it to you Lord, I give it all to you! Make me strong and courageous. Help me to act with grace, kindness, love and courage. Show me the lies, speak to me through your Holy Spirit. Expose my husband for the man he is and protect me, and my beautiful sons from his deceit and manipulation. Lift us up God! Give us strength God! Keep us healthy in body and mind Lord!

With all my heart, I cry out to you in supplication! Protect us, love us, keep us safe under the feathers of your wings. Send your angels to surround us and fight the Holy battle for us against the evil that we can not see! Thank you! Thank you my amazing God in Heaven for all your blessings, for all your miracles, for all your unfailing love!!!

In the name of your son Jesus Christ I pray, I lay all my requests at the foot of the cross, wash them in the blood of your sacrifice, and look into my heart, to know that what I say and feel is true! Forgive me for any past doubts, forgive me for any fears, I know that you have a plan, that you have a purpose and someday soon I will be free. Someday soon I will be able to use all the gifts you have given me to live my best and most blessed life, because you are with me, inside me and beside me!!!!

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