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Updated: Oct 16, 2022


God I trust you. What ever you want me to do, in whatever way you want me to to use this mess, I will. I know you will provide for me, you will protect me, you will lift me up and give me a blessed successful life.

It’s time to let the Mr. Navy go isn’t it? He isn’t available and until he is, I have to let go of the hope, let go of the longing, let go of the dreaming and fantasizing. He is only a friend and it needs to stay that way, no matter how hard it is, I have to be strong. But I need you to help me with that.

If it’s time to have a voice, to help others who are being abused, so they will also learn what you've been teaching me; that they are not worthless. Then please, help me do this the right way. Protect me and my boys, give me wisdom and strength.

I love you Lord for you have opened my eyes, you have set me free, you have given me support through so many wonderful people. I know with my whole heart you are with me, and no matter how many times I fall you will always help me up as long as I am willing to seek you, get up and brush myself off.

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