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Love vs Control

Updated: Apr 5


There is a difference between being convicted in your spirit and being condemned. To be convicted is a gentle nudge. It is a feeling that tells you something you did or said wasn’t kind. And you will feel a desire to correct your behavior, and you will want to.

Condemnation is full of cruel intent, and is used to point out a wrong so you will feel horrible for the wrong you are being accused of.

Conviction = correction

Condemnation = control / cruelty

Conviction is fueled by love.

Condemnation is fueled by a lie.

Where there’s supposed to be conviction, if we believe the lies we will feel condemnation. 

When you are trapped in a dark cloud of condemnation, I pray that the truth will be revealed so your eyes will see through the haze of confusion and blame.

An abuser will constantly devalue you in order to maintain control over you.

It can be a powerful and painful realization to understand the person you love has become a tool of the enemy. An abusive person intentionally avoids their own convictions by casting the blame on you. The more they lie, the more they put their feelings above their care and concern for you, their unwillingness to to admit a wrong, feel bad for a wrong and work to change, causes them to become increasingly shrouded in darkness …. hateful words are spoken with venom…

“You act like you have this light inside of you.”

He spoke those words when I told him I wouldn’t fight with him. I told him I was choosing to be who God was leading me to be. 

He meant those words as a put down, intended to cause guilt.  He meant them to make me believe that I was acting superior to him. He assumed things, convinced himself they were true and then reacted as if they were.

I want you to know, that light inside of you, it's a gift from God. Do not be ashamed of your sensitivity, your empathy, you ability to love even when you feel unloved. That light inside of you may feel dim, but keep seeking answers, education and truth.

Do not be afraid 

Your light, even when dim

Outshines the darkness in them 

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