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Be Brave

Updated: Feb 17

Do not back down

Be brave

You know in your heart this is right

He is using the boys to make you give up

Do not back down

He has to leave

Be strong and courageous

He is still with her

He is still lying, dishonest, and deceitful

Do not back down

You sons are children, you are the adult

Do what is right or he will never change

Back down now and he will know he has you

Back down now and he will never stop hurting you

Back down now and your life will be over

Do not back down!

I deserve a marriage based on love not lies

He needs help, he needs healing, he needs to learn what he is doing is not ok

He thinks this is out of hate, but it is out of love

Do not give up on love

Someday he will make the choice

Someday he will understand why this had to be done

Tough love, do not back down

~10/13/19 Sunday night

(I read this to our marriage counselor when he stopped going and I continued. She told me to read this to myself every day)

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